The History of Neurocsience in Pictures, Installations Inspired by Computational Neuroscience Models
Sarah de Rijcke, Joost Rekveld


Is Art an Endeavor Unique to Humans?, The NeuroImage, Pop-up Book of the Brain, What is Beauty?
Dick Swaab, Patricia Pisters, Moon Brouwer, Semir Zeki


Intelligence of the hand, Seeing with Sound, Memory and Borges
Monika Auch, Peter Meijer, and Rodrigo Quian Quiroga.


Mapping the Brain with Games, Neural Feeback Games, Brain Waves and Documentaries, Virtual Prosthetic Limbs
Amy Robinson Sterling, Isabela Granic, Caspar Sonnen, Robin de Lange, Rianne Blom & Collin Turbyne.


Could Ballet Be a Contemplative Practice? Why Do We Dance Better than Robots? Dance, Cognition & Technology. Neuroscience Inspired Dance. The Effects of Dance on the Diseased Brain.
Marieke van Vugt, Chris de Zeeuw, Maaike Bleeker, Arno Schuitemaker, Hanneke Hulst
Together w/ Worlding the Brain

Winner announcement at FENS 2016 in Copenhagen


Winner announcement at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting